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Educational Opportunites

group and private

- Introduction to Natural Barefoot care

- Dietary effects on the horse and

   natural feeding practices 

- Hoof anatomy and Mechanism

professionals and individuals

- Work towards professional

   certification by the AHA - American       Hoof Association

- Private training for horse owners to

   learn how to trim and maintain their

   own horses



- Natural Barefoot trimming for horses,

   ponies, and donkeys of all sizes and



- Certified Hoof Boot Specialists



- Laminitis / Founder

- Navicular Syndrome

- Chips, cracks, white line separation

- Club feet, long toes, under run heels

- Sensative with terrain changes

- Transitioning from Shoes to barefoot


- Diet and detox programs, based on

   present living situation for each horse

   as an individual

- Paddock Paradise Design and

   consultations - tours of working track

   systems available upon request

We respect the many different advocates who in their own way have contributed greatly to the horse’s best interest.  Although clinical research has brought much to enhance the horse’s welbeing, there is great value in observing and studying the wild horse in its natural environment.  It is our professional opinion, the Wild Horse Trim,  with its noninvasive approach, is the most successful for healing and balancing the hoof. Barefoot Horse Canada’s founder completed the education program of the AANHCP to become a Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner. Then In 2011, she was invited into and Certified by the American Hoof Association (AHA). Our group of professionals now have hundreds of horses under our care. We encourage horse owners to investigate and follow up on the references of a trimmer, since not all trims or programs are equal.