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Hoof Care

- Barefoot trimming for horses, ponies,

  and donkeys of all sizes and breeds

  Starting at $50


- Certified Hoof Boot Fitter: Carrying     Renegade, Scoot Boot, Cavallo, Equine   Fusion, Easy Boot Cloud

 $50 per horse 



- Laminitis / Founder

- Navicular Syndrome

- Chips, cracks, white line separation

- Clubfeet, long toes, under-run heels

- Sensitive to terrain changes

- Transitioning from Shoes to barefoot


 Hoof Health Consultations

- Remote consults & on-site Consults locally

- Diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and full hoof assessment

- Marked hoof images for reference 

- Observations & suggestions/coaching for trim &   care

 Starting at $275 CAD



- Diet and detox programs, based on the   present living situation of each horse as an   individual

- Paddock Paradise design and consultations

- tours of working track systems available   upon request

Educational Opportunites


- Introduction to barefoot care & trimming

- Dietary effects on the horse and

  species-appropriate feeding   practices 

- Hoof anatomy and Mechanism


- Mentorship for student trimmers of the Canadian Equine Hoof Care Association

- Private training for horse owners to learn how to trim and maintain their own horses

We respect the many different advocates who in their own way have contributed greatly to hoof health and study.  Barefoot Horse Canada’s founder, my mentor Anne Riddell completed the education program of the AANHCP to become a Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner. Then In 2011, she was Certified by the American Hoof Association (AHA). I am certified by Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners and Canadian Equine Hoof Care Association. It is paramount for all hoof care practitioners to continually educate themselves, as clinical research continues to develop a deeper understanding of the equine hoof. We encourage horse owners to investigate and follow up on the references of a hoof care provider since not all trims or programs are equal.

                                                                                                                                                         ~ Jessica Fobert

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