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Rocky's Thin Soles

Removing Rocky's shoes and fitting boots

March 2008 - Rocky came to a Pete Ramey trimming clinic with oversensitive feet. Removing Rocky's bar shoes revealed the unbalanced growth of the bars, as well as his extremely flat soles. The flat soles combined with shallow collateral grooves and tenderness helped us determine that his soles were very thin. Pete fitted Rocky with hoof boots and pads so that he would have the necessary protection to prevent bruising while being exercised. A sugar-free diet was also implemented to minimize inflammation within the hoof and body.

June 2008 - Rocky was back out on trail without the need of his hoof boots. His heels gradually decontracted, his frogs began to develop, and his entire hoof moved back to a supportive position for the internal structures. The photo below shows the hoof still in early stages of healing, yet already developing concavity. Rocky's owner and care providers were consistent with his sugar-free diet, which allowed his body to recover at a rapid rate. Without their dedication to his lifestyle changes, our program would likely not have been such a success. Thanks ladies!

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