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Chocolate Chip's Navicular

Chocolate Chip was diagnosed with the worst case of navicular her veterinarian had ever seen. She had bone spurs, synovial cysts and lesions on both navicular bones. When Chip came to our rehab facility she could barely walk. She was so sore she took tiny steps and walked only on her toes. She was on 2 grams of bute twice a day when she arrived.

Chip's heels were very under run and she had no toe to speak of from years of walking on them. This pony had chronic thrush in what was left of her frogs and her heels were contracted. After three years of being lame, Chip was destined to be either euthanized or have the nerves in her feet cut.

Today, Chip is doing great. She continues to improve. She now walks like a normal, sound horse. Because of dietary, hormonal and seasonal factors Chip still experiences the odd incident of laminitis. She lives full time in a Paddock Paradise and is happy living a pain and drug free life in her herd. After 4 years of continual healing she was able to be ridden on trail again.

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