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Rosebud's Laminitis

Rosebud had struggled for 3 years with chronic founder in all four feet. She continued to have severe laminitic episodes over that time. Rosebud had a 20% rotation of the coffin bones in her right front hoof, a 15% rotation in her left front, 21% rotation in her left hind and a 17% rotation on her right hind. She was destine for euthanasia.

The dedication from her owner to implement our diet, exercise and trimming program, restored Rosebud to a completely sound horse. She was back being ridden regularly on both gravel and cement barefoot without missing a step! The radiograph of her right front hoof ensured that we had addressed Rosebud's laminitis. It was back to 5% and the other three feet were all in normal range under 5%. Rosebud is one of so many severely foundered horses that have gone through this program to a full recovery; able to get back into work and riding.

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