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Bringing strength and resilience to horses, ponies, minis, & donkeys by helping them put their best hoof forward

Thousands of horse owners are choosing to remove their horses' shoes in the last two decades since a few farriers began the barefoot movement.  This different approach was initiated during studies of wild horses in their natural environment, as well as the effects of metal shoes on the horse. 
Barefoot hoof care involves far more than just the style of trim. Nutrition and living conditions that simulate the wild horses' habitat is of equal importance in order to bring every horse to optimal health. The barefoot trim encourages the hoof to function in synchronicity with the entire body of the horse. Regardless of the sport or job you do with your horse, this approach to hoof care ensures them a long and resilient career. Barefoot horses can jump, barrel race, cut cows and do dressage at least as well as shod, if not better!

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